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A Tech Evangelist is someone who loves, lives, breathes and preaches technology as a solution to almost any problem. That is what we do and we try to do it well. We cover a range of favorite tech support topics on this site, including information and tutorials for open source software, programming, databases and home theater. You will find tech tips, solutions, and tutorials for a wide variety of technology problems and solutions.

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What is Shill Bidding?

Shill bidding occurs when someone places a bid on an auction for the sole purpose of stimulating bidding activity or raising the bid prices--with no intention of purchasing the product. Shill billing most often … [Read More...]

Be Careful When Registering Domain Names

At one time if you wanted to build a web site, you looked for a good domain name, registered it, set the nameservers, and built the web site. That may no longer be the case. We are finding out that domain names need … [Read More...]