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tech support tips and tutorials A Tech Evangelist is someone who loves, lives, breathes and preaches technology as a solution to almost any problem. That is what we do and we try to do it well.

We cover a range of favorite tech support topics on this site, including information and tutorials for open source software, programming, databases and home theater. You will find tech tips, solutions, and tutorials for a wide variety of technology issues and problems.

Be Careful When Registering Domain Names

At one time if you wanted to build a web site, you looked for a good domain name, registered it, set the nameservers, and built the web site. That may no longer be the case. We are finding out that … Continue reading

About WordPress Updates

The WordPress team recently introduced version 3.8.0 or their very popular flagship product. I have used it on a few sites and it appears to be stable, but a bugfix update almost always follows the release of a major version. … Continue reading

WordPress 3.7 Is Released With a Disturbing Feature

WordPress 3.7 is out, but the team added a naive and misguided change. The core files are now automatically updated whenever a new release is launched. This is great if you use a hosting company where the manually run automatic … Continue reading

Where Does Missing e-Mail Go?

The problem with missing e-mails that someone sent to you but you never received, or those you sent but were not received by the recipient, can be perplexing. Here are some of the explanations we have seen for missing messages. … Continue reading

Brute Force Attack Attempts to Hack WordPress Admin Password

A huge worldwide brute force attack is hitting WordPress sites. The attack appears to be using a large botnet of infected PCs and servers in an attempt to break into the administration area of WordPress sites. The attacks involve a … Continue reading

What Happened to the Links Section in WordPress?

If you have updated your WordPress sites to version 3.5.x, you probably noticed that the Links section in the admin area has been removed. Actually, it wasn’t been removed for all sites because it is still there if you were … Continue reading

Found a User Account? You Have Been Hacked!

I just found a sysadmin administrator account set up with an e-mail address of in a new client’s WordPress site. This is happening more often recently and some people appear to think that WordPress is creating these accounts. WordPress … Continue reading

Netbeans Error: Invalid jdkhome specified, Cannot locate java installation in specified jdkhome

A few years ago a friend told me about Netbeans, the freebie Java-based code editor that is designed to work with Java, PHP and a range of other languages. At that point it was time to retire Homesite, my favorite … Continue reading

What to Expect With Internet Explorer 10

As someone who has been developing web sites for the past 15 years, I have always considered Internet Explorer to be the most broken browser on the planet. If you are going to experience a browser problem with your web … Continue reading

WordPress Message: Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance. Check Back in a Minute.

If you are doing an automatic upgrade with WordPress and the only thing you see where your site should be is the message, “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance. Check Back in a Minute.“, your upgrade failed. I have seen this … Continue reading

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